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Churchwood's Cat Hotel has 75 individual chalets which are separated by Perspex anti-sneeze partitions, also attached to the enclosures are cat flaps leading to the outdoor runs for the cooler months where your pets can have exercise and fresh air (and also be entertained by our mad rabbit which hairs around the garden thinking he’s also a cat!) The cattery itself is air-conditioned and smoke alarms are fitted. The chalets themselves are very secure having double locks on each door and both doors leading into the cattery are also locked permanently. Unless your pet is called Houdini there is no chance of escape!

In addition to the chalets, we have installed a separate food preparation area-as always, our priority is the welfare of the animals in our care and therefore you can expect a high standard of housing, hygiene and safety for your pets.

Every cat is fed whatever they would normally eat at home……as far as possible! As with elderly cats or kittens their diets can be altered accordingly and as with all pets that board at Churchwood’s there will be lots of individual attention and cuddles given (free of charge!)

Bedding is supplied by ourselves – for health reasons we ask that you don’t bring any of your pet’s bedding but favourite toys are welcome if they have any.

Please note that any Veterinary Prescription Diets must be supplied by the owner.

Vaccination certificates must be valid – first time vaccinations must be at least 10 days old and these must be brought with you on the day of arrival.

All pets will also receive Frontline – anti tick and flea treatment upon arrival at the cattery. You can supply and administer the Frontline in front of me or I can supply and administer the treatment in front of you at a cost of 55 Dhs

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